Online Dating Profile Examples for Women

Published: 20th June 2011
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Writing an online dating profile is harder that it sounds. Most people simply don’t know where to start. Professional writers know this as ‘fear of writing’. To help you get started, dating site draws on three real-life online dating profiles written by women seeking men.

Be upfront

Some people are very upfront with their profile text. They will say exactly who they are and what they are looking for in their match. This approach can help you drive more qualified response to your profile. However, it may also put some people off if you come across as aggressive or close-minded.

Example: "OK, I'll say exactly what I think. I’m quite old fashioned, have high moral standards, and don't appreciate the young men who hope to get lucky with a lady after hanging out a couple of times. If you’re one of these, I suggest you go click away over to the next profile. And please don’t send sleazy dirty messages, it only comes across as desperate."

Give a preview

Others prefer to give a preview of more to come. Remember to touch on your likes, dislikes and personal situation briefly. See how this person uses expressions and popular sayings such as ‘glass half-full’ to convey who she is.

Example: "If I had to describe myself in a paragraph I’d say that I’m so chilled I would probably give the Eskimos a run for their money. I’m an independent hard-working woman interested in trying out new things. I have no children from a former relationship, no hang-ups. I’m a ‘glass half-full’ rather than a ‘glass half empty’ person and would like to meet someone with a similar outlook on life."

An all-rounded profile

Other profiles succeed in providing an all-rounded description. She describes her ‘loves’ and likes at length. She also uses positive words such as ‘wonderful’ and ‘dreams’ to express drive and energy. Sentences are brief and lead on to one another in quick succession. This creates a positive impression overall.

Example: "I have 3 wonderful kids and am a very independent-minded person ...I love playing and listening to music, and am into almost all types of men except people who don’t take good care of themselves. I love watching American football on the telly, enjoy going out to my friends’ place for a couple of drinks (I’m over with the clubbing scene although once in a while is fine by me). Also love a quiet night a home watching a DVD, curling up on my couch with the man of my dreams. Are you the one? If you want to know more just ask!"

I hope these profiles helped fire your imagination. If you need help, why not paraphrase their text with your own words. I’m sure you’ll find it a lot easier to write more once you get started. is the only Australian Internet dating service inspired by women. On, women choose who can contact them and men compete for their attention. Visit today for fun, friendship or a relationship.

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